TD90 series
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Mounting part

Can be additionally attached to the piano | TD90

‐ This product has been developed for additional mountiong on piano key lids without damping function
‐ Removing the load returns the arm to its default position automatically
‐ 4 color variations are available

Product lineup

Product name Torque [N⋅m] (lbf⋅in) Damping direction
TD90B1-35K 3.5 (30.98) CCW
TD90B1-50K 5.0 (44.25) CCW

Product information

Product information

Product information of TD90 rotary damper

Dimensions related to mounting

Dimensions related to mounting of TD90 rotary damper

Opening angle

Opening angle of TD90 rotary damper

Mounting method with screws (Sold separately)

Mounting method with screws (Sold separately) of TD90 rotary damper

‐ Install damper (TD90) in the positin where the key-block operates correctly.
‐ Be careful not to damage the damper (TD90) or the piano when installing the damper (TD90) on the piano.
‐ Secure the damper in the position where the arm-cover does not hit a fall board.
‐ By separating the installation position from the rotation axis of a fall board, the closing time of fall board becomes longer.

Product specifications

Temperature characteristics

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We also have a page with examples of simple custom-ordered rotary dampers.
On that page, you will find examples of parts added to standard rotary damper products and examples of partially custom-ordered products.

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