TD27/28 series
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Type TD27
Type TD28
Option (TD27/28 Bracket)

Equipped with torque adjustment function | TD27/28

‐ Equipped with torque adjustment function
‐ A dedicated bracket enables the use of this product as a rotary damper hinge

Product lineup

Product name Torque [N⋅m] (lbf⋅in) Damping direction
TD27A1-5/13K 0.49 (4.34) to 1.27 (11.24) CW
TD27B1-5/13K 0.49 (4.34) to 1.27 (11.24) CCW
TD27A1-10/20K 0.98 (8.67) to 1.96 (17.35) CW
TD27B1-10/20K 0.98 (8.67) to 1.96 (17.35) CCW
Product name Torque [N⋅m] (lbf⋅in) Damping direction
TD28A1-5/13K 0.49 (4.34) to 1.27 (11.24) CW
TD28B1-5/13K 0.49 (4.34) to 1.27 (11.24) CCW
TD28A1-10/20K 0.98 (8.67) to 1.96 (17.35) CW
TD28B1-10/20K 0.98 (8.67) to 1.96 (17.35) CCW

Product information

Product information

Product information of TD27/28 rotary damper

Dimensions related to mounting

Dimensions related to mounting of TD27/28 rotary damper

Opening angle

Opening angle of TD27/28 rotary damper

Damping directions

Rotation directions of the shaft to which torque is applied

Damping directions of TD27/28 rotary damper

Product specifications

Temperature characteristics

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Torque adjustment function

As the torque of the rotary damper is adjustable, it is not necessary to obtain the products with various torques according to the application to be used.
The torque can be adjusted simply by turning the slot of the rotary damper with a flathead screwdriver.
Since the torque adjustment range can be more than doubled, the same rotary damper is applicable to both an application of 0.49 N・m and an application of 1.27 N・m.
Adjusting the torque makes coping with fine feeling and variation in an application possible.

Torque adjustment slot

Torque adjustment slot

Enlarged view

Enlarged view

Torque adjustment method

Option (TD27/28 Bracket)

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