Three advantages in custom rotary damper design (custom design and manufacturing)

TOK would like to manufactures and sells custom-made mechanical parts and components.
As described in Rotary Damper Customization Examples, TOK will recommend a custom design when the required specifications cannot be met with our catalog products or semi-custom products utilizing existing parts. We will mass produce custom-made products through prototyping and verification after hearing your requirements. If your company’s confidential information needs to be shared in a custom design, we can also conclude NDA (New Development Agreement).
Customized 3 Steps

We sometimes receive feedbacks that existing products could not slow down as they are imagined.
For example of opening and closing a lid, you may want the lid to close faster, slower, slower just before the lid closes, or slower over the entire opening/closing angle.
You can get a rotary damper that realize your own image of the motion because TOK’s rotary dampers utilize the viscosity of oil to move objects slowly by selecting the oil viscosity and designing the oil flow path.
In other word in design phase, it means the method as below.
・To close the lid faster or slower
⇒Use low viscosity oil or high viscosity oil
・Slow down just before the lid closes
⇒Designed oil flow paths for horizontally closing lids gradually narrow as they close.
Designed oil flow paths for vertically closing lids gradually widens as they close.
We have more experience in handling custom-made designs than there are catalog products. Our experience and know-how will make your ideal movement a reality.

Advantages of custom rotary damper design 2|High productivity and lean specifications

We recommend you to consult with us as early as possible after your product planning has begun since we can propose several kinds of design taking into consideration the surrounding design related to the installation of our products.
If the design is at an early stage, it opens up the possibility of better design, which not only allows us to create a structure that fully demonstrates the performance of our products, but also allows your company to produce more efficiently and without waste.
Even when it is possible to adopt our catalog products, it may be better to introduce a custom-made design.
For example, an attachment is needed to mount a rotary damper.
Your product shall be reduced assembly man-hours and the total cost by designing the rotary damper shape to eliminate the need for attachments.

Advantages of custom rotary damper design 3 | Unitization and supply of surrounding parts can reduce variation during mass production

If a rotary damper is used incorrectly, it will not operate as imagined.
For example, if the assembly is tight like a press-fit, the friction makes the lid movement slow down, and the lids have variation in movement when the lid is to be flip up slowly. So we recommend loose fit design for installing rotary dampers.
Especially, it is important the balance between the characteristics of the rotary damper and the spring characteristics when the lid flips up slowly.
In such cases, we can design a suits spring that the characteristics of the rotary damper and deliver the rotary damper and spring as a set (the spring is manufactured by a spring manufacturer).
Also, it may be easier to assemble the product in your company’s assembly process if the parts are unitized.
In such cases, we can provide rotary dampers and their surrounding parts as a unit.

3 Advantages of Custom-Designed Rotary Dampers|Conclusion

・TOK, Inc. can provide design, prototyping, manufacturing, and sales of custom-made products.
・Confidential information is thoroughly managed through the signing of NDA(New Development Agreements).
・Design consultation is recommended from the early design stage.
・We can custom design a product that takes your company’s production efficiency into consideration.

Finally, I would like to add a note on the conclusion of NDAs (New Development Agreements).
If your company has a original draft of the NDA, please provide it to us. If you do not have a draft, we will provide one.
Our Legal & Intellectual Property Group is responsible for this.
We can sign an NDA including your company and ours, or even a third party, so that you can proceed with the design with confidence.
Please let us know what kind of things you want our products to do and how you want them to work, using our catalog products as a basis for the specifications you require.
You can consult with us from the stage of design flexibility and enjoy the collaboration with us while we work together to create your product!

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