What is a rotary damper?

A rotary damper is a mechanical component that can be attached to an application to slow down the application motion by utilizing the viscous resistance of oil. It controls the motion of the application, control of the sudden operation, noise reduction, impact mitigation, and safety enhancement, allowing the application to be used comfortably. Our rotary dampers are easy to install, durable, and maintenance-free.

Partial rotation angle damper

Partial Rotation Angle

Continuous rotation damper

Continuous Rotation Angle

Rotary dampers are largely divided into partial rotation angle dampers and continuous rotation dampers. The appropriate rotary damper can be selected according to the motion and opening angle, allowing it to be used according to the application.

Partial rotation angle damper mechanism

Partial rotation angle dampers have a limited opening angle. The limited angle and limited oil flow facilitate relatively high torque.

Partial rotation angle damper mechanism

Partial rotation angle damper principle

Partial rotation angle damper basic principle

Partial rotation angle damper motion

There are three types of operation: horizontal, vertical, horizontal & vertical. The operation type changes by changing the high-torque position.

Continuous rotation damper mechanism

Continuous rotation dampers have no limited opening angle and exert torque endlessly.

Continuous rotation angle damper mechanism

Continuous rotation damper principle

Continuous rotation angle damper basic principle

Continuous rotation damper motion

The combination of a continuous rotation damper and rack gears allows linear motion to be buffered at a constant speed.

Rack and pinion with continuous rotation damper

The wide range of applications for rotary dampers

Rotary dampers are used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive interiors, store fixtures, furniture, and home appliances. For example, automobile interiors can buffer the speed at which cup holders are pulled out or the momentum of bouncing console boxes open, and store fixtures can prevent bakery shelves from closing too vigorously or movie theater chairs from rising too quickly. Rotary dampers are suitable when you want to open and close hinges and lids quietly, safely, and comfortably. Rotary dampers can also be used according to the characteristics of the application, such as when high loads and heat resistance are required, or to achieve space savings. It is possible to improve quality and value while protecting the application.

Application mounting examples and installation instructions

Rotary dampers can be selected from various aspects such as diameter, torque, material, direction of rotation. The wide range of TOK rotary dampers can be adapted to your wide range of applications.

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